Well sometime you didn’t have XWindows server (dtlogin or citrix) installed in your server. Maybe is a performance things. Because that application suck your server cpu and memory. Hard.

There is workaround to cheat this. You have to export display from your server to your desktop.

1. Use your favorit telnet/ssh session (putty, mstelnet, secure crt) to connect to the server.
2. Open Xserver/Reflection/Xmanager (or other X-Windows Emulator)
3. Export display
tcsh => setenv DISPLAY
ksh/bash => DISPLAY=;export DISPLAY
note: is your desktop IP
4. Execute gui command. For example:
Veritas Enterprise Administrator (vea) -> /opt/VRTS/bin/vea
OSS-RC (ONE) -> /opt/ericsson/bin/nms_one