My name is Adiguna M and I’m an OSS Engineer at one of GSM/UMTS operator in Indonesia.

While I’m not busy administering a huge number of system, I love wathing anime and blogging.  

You can contact me at my email (adiguna-at-gmail-dot-com) or YM! (wandering_rurouni)


4 Responses to “About”

  1. deRegen Says:

    salam kenal bos, teknologia!

  2. isal Says:

    Halo bos. OSS Engineer aku gak tahu apa itu. Btw dapet sih jawabnya. Singkatnya System Engineer 🙂 Maju bro!

    OSS = Short for operational support system, a generic term for a suite of programs that enable an enterprise to monitor, analyze and manage a network system. The term originally was applied to communications service providers, referring to a management system that controlled telephone and computer networks. The term has since been applied to the business world in general to mean a system that supports an organization’s network operations.

  3. priandoyo Says:

    Welcome to the club mas Adiguna 🙂

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